Our Mission

Marketing and Advertising for all sizes of businesses at reasonable costs with dependable and honest effort.

LaPierre's was the earliest of a new breed of agencies which came about with the birth of personal computers and desktop publishing software. LaPierre's chose to adopt and grow with the new technology and coupled it with a strong sense of commitment to personalized service. LaPierre's Media Marketing handles all types of advertising and marketing across all platforms, including print, web, TV, radio and and direct mail. LaPierre's is committed to meet the strategic planning needs of clients, the branding development and marketing consulting, as the changing economic climate trends change. Recently LaPierre's Advertising, Inc. rebranded to LaPierre Media Marketing to more clearly represent the scope of work across multiple platforms, especially the emerging cellular markets.

Meet Rick and Joan

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the founding partners:

Rick LaPierre is an experienced marketer with over 35 years of hands on leadership and proven success. His variety of skills and a creative outlook has made him a valuable asset to many businesses with many client relationships having spanned decades. Whether it be internet technologies, fluent radio & TV script writing, image, branding or realistic, straight talking marketing consultations... Rick brings a well rounded resume to your business table.

Joan LaPierre offers the graphic creatives that have been key components of successful advertising and marketing campaigns. She utilizes her command of Adobe's Creative Suite to create distinctive logos, eye catching layouts and functional yet artistically designed websites. Joan works tirelessly to please but most importantly, delivers creatives that will set your business apart from your competition.

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