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Marketing your business - Presenting an organized and complete public awareness of your business or product is one of our strengths. Your corporate, retail or professional identity can be embellished and strengthened by many external and internal systems as well. It is not enough to have the right product or service alone. In todays market seeing new opportunities, and having your internal systems working at full strength are critical at serving your core customer. To do that, most businesses need the input of an outside source. One not predisposed to your current way of doing things and one with consulting abilities to best implement a solid marketing strategy.

Social Media - Social media is now so powerful and hold such potential to impact the future grown of your business that they can no longer be ignored. The next generation of customers for banks, auto dealerships, insurance agencies, etc., are perpetually coming into your customer fold year after year. They are the social media generation and smart phone users.

Media Enhancements - LaPierre's offers all media implementation, including billboards, business sign designs, vehicle wraps, web banner ads, radio spots, TV commercials, facebook and twitter posts, eBlasts for events/ sales, google ad word programs, studio photography for products or staff members, and much more.

Our Business Model - While other agencies are just now adjusting and forming new business models, LaPierre Media Marketing has practiced that philosophy since it was founded in 1980. LaPierre's Advertising, Inc. has always provided strategic advice about marketing and internal business systems for their clients, in addition to providing managed advertising services. LaPierre Media Marketing was built on the foundation of providing high level competencies in marketing strategies, related client side systems and future marketplaces.

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